BIG announcement!

Looking forward to hearing them. Love listening while painting in the store. Customers love hearing the podcasts too.


BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! No, seriously this is HUGE!

Joey is trusting ME with a microphone and coming soon ‘Alicia Unleashed’ Podcast! (yes you read that right)


An all women podcast with special guest’s featuring YOU! We will be inviting women that follow GMG or listen to the podcasts for their views on subject matters!

Get ready ladies! The next guest could be YOU!

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A Note To All Our Awesome Cape Ann Summer Residents and Visitors- The Clock Is Ticking…


Thanks for coming to the island and making yourself part of the community. Just a friendly reminder before you leave though. We only have a couple of weekends before the summer rental folks head back “up the line” back to their main places of residence.

Before it all slips away I suggest that you take that evening sail on the Thomas Lannon, The Ardelle, the Beauport Princess or a Harbor Cruise Aboard The Harbor Shuttle, get to that awesome restaurant that you’ve been meaning to get to all summer long but haven’t been to yet, visit the museums you haven’t seen, buy that painting or awesome print that you’ve been admiring all summer long and support the community that you’ve been part of for the summer.

We appreciate your patronage and what you bring to our local merchants. It’s a long winter for a lot of these folks and often…

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